The World Cup and Southern Africa

During the world cup I will be traveling around South Africa. After the tournament is over, I plan to travel over ground about 1800 miles up to Nairobi, where I will fly back to the states from in early August.

In this blog I hope to share my experiences, thoughts, and stories. I am not completely sure why I am here, I hope to know by the time I leave. I will focus on a few topics:
1) How do we develop people? (Education, Values, etc..)
2) Is there any absolute truth? I hope so.
3) Football

This will not be clean and edited, it is my journal. I will write very much in stream of consciousness, most statements I make are questions that I wish answered. Please feel free to add to my inner-dialogue.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Starting my travels

It's a bit after 2:30 am and I'm packing up my stuff for trip. Right now I've checked that my water filter works and that I have a mini towel. So, I think I'm all set to go to Africa.


  1. Hey boo!! You know I had to be the first to follow your blog. I miss you...

  2. This reminds me of when you moved out my house to your house. You owned the house for several weeks with seemingly little interest in moving into it. Then one night after dinner, you walked downstairs with toothbrush and alarm clock in hand and said,"I'm moving now."

  3. Feff. Great blog. Sorry for getting on late. We had no internet connection for several days. I like your topics of focus, especially truth. Francis Shaffer used the term "true truth". Probably a better term than absolute truth. I like your musings thus far. Regarding the establishing of relationship, you were closer to the start of it when you said Day 1 as opposed to Day 6. Actually Relationship predated even Day 1. Be wise and safe. Peace in the Lord. DAB for KEJDEG