The World Cup and Southern Africa

During the world cup I will be traveling around South Africa. After the tournament is over, I plan to travel over ground about 1800 miles up to Nairobi, where I will fly back to the states from in early August.

In this blog I hope to share my experiences, thoughts, and stories. I am not completely sure why I am here, I hope to know by the time I leave. I will focus on a few topics:
1) How do we develop people? (Education, Values, etc..)
2) Is there any absolute truth? I hope so.
3) Football

This will not be clean and edited, it is my journal. I will write very much in stream of consciousness, most statements I make are questions that I wish answered. Please feel free to add to my inner-dialogue.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

on my way

I am sitting in the airport in London waiting to get on my 12 hour flight to Johannesburg. I am excited. I think I could live on a british airways flight. They fed me almost every hour, they even put the muffin in front me when I was sleeping so it was there when I woke up. There are so many things to watch. I have a little tv to myself. At first this didnt feel right, I felt there was value in sharing the experience of an inflight movie with my fellow passengers; laughing together, crying together, falling asleep together, whichever might be most appropriate. But the choices are just too good!! New movies, classics, documentaries, sports highlights, tv shows, someone should check if we can get the british airways channel in the states. On the way over I watched an aerial tour of south africa and the history of the England-Germany football rivalry. I am trying to get everything I have to do out of the way now so I can watch the tv as much as possible on my 10 hour flight to joburg.

I will work on my big introductory post on my flight....maybe.....depending on what I find to watch. I have lots of ideas that I hope to pursue on my trip, so I will try to lay them out at the beginning. Until then.